STILL HOPING FOR THIS WEEKEND – I am still hoping to complete the new item this weekend, I was slowed down because two items sold, so what I usually do is get on and crochet one more of whatever has sold. I don’t like to do the same thing more than twice so always make sure you buy what you want when it is there, and sometimes I only crochet an item once! Other times I may crochet a variation of something. So hopefully the new item will be up either later today or tomorrow.

I already have the Alpaca & Cotton Cowl in Apricot, Grey & Neutral put aside for someone, but they are not collecting it until January. So if you want it, it is still for sale as I will have time to make another one for the other customer, just let me know via the contact page.

Next week brings the start of another item.


Always Walk In Peace – Kenzo