Tunisian Crocheting

Tunisian Crocheting is a little different to the crocheting most people think about. The three main differences are:

  • The Hook – Tunisian Crocheting hooks are longer, they can be 12-14 inches long, or they can be shorter with long flexible attachments.
  • The Stitches – Like in knitting, you have many stitches on the hook (or at least you do on alternate rows) which is why the hooks are longer or come with attachments.
  • The Method – Tunisian Crocheting isn’t worked like the usual crocheting where you go around the item. In Tunisian Crocheting, you work the piece by working forwards and backwards without turning your work so the right side is always facing you.

It isn’t everyone’s cup-of-tea, but it is mine, I really like it. Some people consider it a cross between crocheting and knitting. I do find some of the patterns quite finicky and I do find it more time consuming, however, I really love the results.

Tunisian Simple Stitch

Tunisian Lace Stitch

Tunisian Knit Stitch

Tunisian Lace Stitch